Direct Billing 101

May 3/17 A primer for accessing coverage from your Extended Health Insurance [Billing 101]: Here are the carriers to which we Direct Bill— Pacific Blue Cross Sunlife Great West Life Chambers of Commerce Veterans Affairs/RCMP Manulife Green Shield How to

Essential Oils for Muscle Recovery

RECOVER REMEDY is a powerful Essential oil blend used by massage therapists at Solace Wellness.  It is meant for topical application to reduce the pain of acute injuries such as torn ligaments, sprains, bruises and the accompanying muscular discomfort. It consists

Do you suffer from Jaw Pain?

Do you experience; Clicking, Popping, Teeth Grinding, and/or Muscle Fatigue in your jaw area?  Do you experience Tension Headaches? Has your dentist given you the diagnosis of TMJD ( Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) ? Massage Therapy can help by relieving the