Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

Kundalini Yoga is going viral around the world – and for good reason! It’s an amazingly transformative practice that will elevate you, challenge you, and encourage your personal and spiritual evolution. Are you curious about trying a Kundalini yoga class? Do you feel intimidated because you don’t know enough about it to take the leap? Well, …

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Dry Brushing

The first self care practice I would like to share with you is one that I personally love; Dry Brushing. Lets dive in! Dry brushing is a technique practiced in many ancient cultures. It is found in the Aryuvedic Medicines of India, in ancient Japan, and ancient Greece to name just a few. In modern day medicine dry …

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Chronic Pain & Massage Therapy

Pain is a the body’s warning signal that tells a person there is something wrong that needs attention. Along with pain comes anxiety and with chronic pain not helped by immediate relief comes increasing anxiety, tension and sometimes depression. At Solace, we take a holistic approach to client care . To start, the space is …

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Daily Practices to help you during Covid-19

How to Keep Spirits Up During a Pandemic?

Practice Cold Water Swimming Cold water bathing is a growing movement built on the principle that repeated exposure to cold water changes the way the body deals with stress. Devotees say daily swims or cold showers give them a rush that lasts hours, and in some cases dramatically improves their ability to manage depression. Having experienced the …

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Massage Therapy Aftercare

The Warm Bath Rolling into the fall season, we welcome the return of warm baths. Hydrotherapy also known as “water cures” has many forms. One of the most accessible is right in our home: the warm bath. Hydrotherapy has historically been an approach that was used to increase the body’s resilience and resistance to disease. …

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