Solace Wellness Centre

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage consists of a group of special techniques used to access deeper muscular layers. The therapist will slowly sink into tight and knotted muscles allowing them to “melt,” permitting deeply held tension to be released.

Deep tissue massage is such a powerful therapeutic technique because it goes deeper than the typical relaxation massage.

The focus is almost solely on the less superficial layers of muscles, making it a popular choice of therapy for rehabilitating soft tissue dysfunctions that are a result of sports-related injuries, and muscle aches and strains caused by everyday activities such as working, lifting and gardening.

What to expect from a treatment

Be prepared for some discomfort during a deep tissue massage. The pressure and stretching techniques used may be a bit more demanding than a typical massage therapy treatment.  In most cases, you will experience some muscle soreness after treatment. The soreness goes away in a couple of days, and the body is re-vitalized.  As the patient, you will guide the depth, intensity and frequency of the treatment to maximize the benefits to your body.

Self care after treatment

The cleansing and corrective action of deep tissue massage will encourage the body to flush toxins, so please remember to drink plenty of water after each session. This being said, avoid drinking a large quantity of water at once following your session as this can be hard on the kidneys. Instead, try to supply your body with a steady flow of hydration by sipping about two liters of water throughout the day.

"I have had a massage from two of the therapists at Soalce and have been extremely satisfied with the therapeutic treatment and professionalism. The centre takes a holistic approach to treating the body. From their choice of music to essential oils you feel like you have benefitted from this luxurious spa experience. I highly recommend" - Marcia