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Embarking on the Kundalini Class Experience: A Step-by-Step  Journey Through a Kundalini Yoga Class

Welcome to Kundalini Yoga, a transformative practice that combines a framework of  tuning in, breathwork, exercises (Kriya), mantra, meditation, and deep relaxation. In a  Kundalini Yoga class, you can expect a holistic experience that awakens your inner  energy, cultivates mindfulness, and expands your consciousness. You will embark on a  journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Get ready to connect with your body,  mind, and spirit as you explore the profound teachings and practices of Kundalini  Yoga. 

Tune In  

Tuning in to a Kundalini yoga class is an intentional process of connecting within and  setting the energetic tone. With hands at the heart centre, eyes closed, we centre  ourselves. By reciting “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,” we honour the lineage of teachers  and divine wisdom within. Tuning in creates a sacred space, inviting your presence and  openness for the transformative journey of Kundalini yoga. 

Breath work 

Pranayama, also known as breath work in yoga, encompasses a variety of specific  breathing techniques aimed at regulating and controlling the breath. By expanding and  enhancing the vital life force energy (prana) within the body, pranayama offers a  multitude of benefits for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This practice is  renowned for its ability to reduce stress, increase lung capacity, enhance  concentration, balance the nervous system, and foster harmony between the body and  mind. An integral component of yoga and meditation, pranayama cultivates  mindfulness and deepens the connection with oneself, offering a powerful tool for self transformation and holistic growth.


In the context of Kundalini Yoga, a Kriya refers to a specific set of exercises or actions  designed to produce a particular outcome or effect. It is a sequence of yoga postures,  breathing techniques, and often incorporates sound, meditation, and other practices.  

Each Kriya focuses on different aspects of the body, mind, and spirit, aiming to activate  energy centres, balance the chakras, strengthen the nervous system, and enhance  overall well-being. Kriyas can be tailored to address specific goals such as increasing  energy, promoting relaxation, improving focus, or cultivating spiritual awareness. They  are an integral part of the Kundalini Yoga practice and are often practiced for a specific  duration or repetition. 


In a Kundalini Yoga class, you can expect a variety of meditation techniques. Here are  a few examples: 

Silent Meditation: This involves sitting in stillness, focusing on the breath, and  observing thoughts without attachment or judgment. The emphasis is on  cultivating present-moment awareness and inner stillness. 

Simran: Kundalini Yoga often incorporates vibration from the Guru Granth Sahib,  where specific sacred sounds or mantras are repeated either silently or aloud.  The repetition of these sounds helps to calm the mind, deepen concentration,  and attune to higher states of consciousness. 

Guided Visualization: This type of meditation involves a teacher guiding  participants through a visual journey or imaginary experience. It could be  visualizing healing light, connecting with nature, or envisioning personal goals  and aspirations. 

Kundalini Kriya Meditation: Some Kundalini Yoga classes may include specific  meditation kriyas, which involve a combination of breath work, hand gestures  (mudras), body postures, and mental focus. These kriyas are designed to  stimulate energy flow, balance the chakras, and awaken higher states of  awareness. 

Gong Meditation: Kundalini Yoga often incorporates the soothing vibrations of  gong meditation. Participants lie down and immerse themselves in the healing  sound waves produced by a gong. This practice promotes deep relaxation,  stress reduction, and energetic alignment.

The choice of meditation techniques can vary from class to class, and instructors may  incorporate different practices based on the focus of the session and the specific  benefits they intend to offer. Ultimately, the meditative aspect of Kundalini Yoga aims to  quiet the mind, expand consciousness, and connect with one’s inner wisdom and true  self. 

Come experience the profound potential of Kundalini Yoga, a transformative practice to  unlock inner awakening, heightened awareness and overall well being. 

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