Solace Wellness Centre

Kyla Campbell

Sound practitioner
You can call me Kyla or Ky(e). In today's language you may say that I am a light worker, a cosmic shaman, or a medicine woman. I like to go by light walker. In 2012, I graduated from McGill University with a bachelor of music in jazz performance. After graduation, I worked at a raw/vegan restaurant and later helped friends open up a jazz café serving vegan food. I moved back to BC in 2014, opened up a restaurant on the island in 2015 serving local, organic food, had a baby in 2019. I then listened to the calling of my heart and came back to music from a more holistic approach. Returning to music in this way was like returning home to myself. From a young age, I knew I was connected. I was a receptor. I could feel what others were feeling around me. I learned pretty quickly that it was “my job” to absorb and balance out the energy in any given space. Overtime I lost a sense of who I was and continued to adapt to my environments as a form of safety and protection. I began awakening when I was twenty after I experienced a full breakdown – physically, mentally and spiritually - and faced my first dark night of the soul. This experience cracked me wide open and through this portal I woke up to source, the universe, god. I have moved through many other breakthroughs and awakenings since, and continue to shed old skins, drawing in more light and truth, using sound alchemy, my own inner guidance and higher awareness. Each experience provided new insights and keys to my spiritual ascension and into the heart of humanity’s evolution. My awareness has shifted completely. I looked externally to feel satisfied and validated (swimming upstream) and now give myself everything that I need from the inside out — from my eternal source. I am the creator of my universe. I hold the frequency of what I want, and the universe provides (swimming downstream). I have full trust that everything is working out for me because I am so clear on who I am and what I wish to bring into my life. This refinement continues to evolve and deepen. Opportunities simply show up, typically in completely new ways. It is my greatest honour to hold the light so others may find their own way. It is my purpose to guide others back to their source within — where we can thrive and live in peace.