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Five-Element Seichem Reiki, Golden Dragon and Violet Flame Seichem Healing Therapy

How It Works

Five-Element Seichem, Golden Dragon and Violet Flame Seichem energy healing can help to relieve and release dis-ease and suffering to improve quality of life. It can help those suffering from stress, anxiety, grief, PTSD and depression as well as physical pain and discomfort.  In a safe and relaxing atmosphere the elements of Earth (Reiki), Water, Fire, Air and Ether are channelled to help clear blockages in the body and allow positive healing energy to travel freely. Seichem also helps to relax the sympathetic systems fight or flight response and boosts the parasympathetic systems abilities of rest and replenishment to facilitate deep healing. Five-Element Seichem and Golden Dragon Healing are based in Universal Love; they help to open the heart chakra and work towards harmonizing and balancing body, mind and spirit and can help to break karmic chains to things that no longer serve to enable us to lead a life full of joy, gratitude and abundance. Violet Flame Seichem is a highly effective force for personal and spiritual transformation, cord cutting and transmutation of lower energies; it also helps to improve relationships. Its healing flames invoke the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation. During a healing session, a variety of techniques are used including energy channelling, Seichem symbols, crystals, breath work, meditation, visualizations and positive affirmations. Following a treatment, rest, rehydration and relaxation are recommended to help the healing continue.

Top 5 Proven & Powerful Reiki Benefits

Recent data from New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Campus shows conclusive evidence of the biological benefits of Reiki from lowered stress response, blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. But Reiki healers and practitioners affirm that Reiki’s power lies in guided life force energy, which is transmitted to the patient through the healing power of the practitioner’s touch, and the results are nothing short of profound. Here are five powerful benefits of Reiki therapy:

Reiki is becoming increasingly integrated into traditional medical care as a powerful alternative medicine or therapy for healing and promoting well-being in patients. It is gentle, comforting, and non-traumatic, and is easily integrated into an overall wellness and lifestyle plan. Whether you are looking to improve mild health concerns, are searching for ways to reduce stress, or are grappling with more significant health challenges, Reiki treatment is a profound and effective method for healing on a multi-layered and holistic level: mind, body, and spirit.


75 min treatment : $135 plus GST