Solace Wellness Centre

Stowel Lake Farm

Retreat Spaces

Stowel Lake Farm is a unique location to hold a wide variety of wellness retreats. As an established community of people who have lived and worked together for many years, the Farm team welcomes retreat groups to experience the beauty of the land and community living.

During retreats, guests are free to roam the property and organic gardens, but time will mostly be spent in the guest accommodations, the Gatehouse, the Barn, and the Village Building.

The Gatehouse

Within the Gatehouse building is a welcoming entrance, three bathrooms, two rooms for accommodation and our studio space. The Gatehouse is an inspiring space to hold a variety of wellness activities including yoga, dance and meditation. This building has high, curved ceilings, cherry wood floors and large windows that allow panoramic views of our farm and the natural environment. The space is warm, light and beautifully handcrafted by local woodworkers. The Gatehouse can comfortably hold 30-45 people for moving practices and 55-60 people for meditation. There are props for yoga and meditation practice available and a sound system.

The Barn

The Barn building houses our custom kitchen and dining area. The 40 year old Barn was beautifully renovated preserving original timbers and is both comfortable and lovely. The upstairs is a spacious area for dining with tables and chairs and a cozy area with couches and a wood-burning stove.

The Village Building

The Village Building is centrally situated beside the Barn and houses many of the guest accommodations. Located between the two buildings, the courtyard is a perfect location for outdoor meals, bonfires, and guest hangouts.

Surrounded by gardens, the Village Building also houses the Marley Room on the lower level, which is a quiet location for breakout activities, including body-work and small-group meetings.

Retreat Map

The Gatehouse, the Barn, and the Village buildings are within walking distance of one-another. A full version of the Retreat Map can be downloaded here.

On the Land

Regenerative Farming

Stowel Lake Farm has a thriving and productive organic market garden. Food and plants are grown with the intention of regenerating and restoring the land. These regenerative practices increase organic matter in the toil, enhance biodiversity and restore ecosystems by working on closing nutrient and water loops. Inspiration is drawn from the natural world, organic agriculture, as well as permaculture and bio-dynamic farming techniques. The farm team is excited to share more about the farming practices through interactive farm tours that can be provided during your stay.

Perennial Gardens

Between the gatehouse and the Barn there is a well established and beautiful perennial garden. There are many places to walk or sit in the garden to enjoy the lovely flowers, shrubs and trees. It is a perfect place for reflection, contemplation and quietude. It is also home to many species of birds, insects, bees and frogs. The perennial garden was designed to have beauty in every season so it can be appreciated throughout the year.

Farm Cuisine

The standard cuisine at the farm is vegetarian with the menu changing daily to incorporate ingredients from the gardens. Non-Vegetarian cuisine can also be coordinated.

Chefs prepare each dish with care and attention to detail. Daily meals are wholesome, nourishing and beautiful. Organic whole grains, local dairy and fresh baking complement the vegetables and fruits fresh from the farm. Healthy and delicious meals are a significant part of the retreat experience at Stowel Lake Farm.

Getting to the Farm

The farm is located on Salt Spring Island on the West Coast of British Columbia. Each individual guest will be responsible for making their way to Salt Spring Island by air or by ferry. The options are outlined below.

From Vancouver by Ferry

The BC Ferries schedule can be found here.

By Foot

  1. Take the thru-fare trip to from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal to Fulford Harbour via Swartz Bay.

By Car

  1. Take the thru-fare trip from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal to Fulford Harbour via Swartz Bay OR take the direct ferry from Tsawwassen to Salt Spring Island (Long Harbour). It is highly recommended to make reservations with BC Ferries when travelling by car.

From Victoria by Ferry

  1. Commute to Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.

  2. Take the ferry from Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal to Salt Spring Island (Fulford Harbour).

  3. Note: Reservations are not available between Swartz Bay and Fulford Harbour, it is first come first serve.

From Vancouver by Air

Option 1:

  1. Fly from Vancouver to Victoria Airport.

  2. Take a 10 minute cab ride to Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.

  3. Take the ferry from Swartz Bay to Fulford Harbour Terminal, Salt Spring Island.

Option 2:

  1. Take a floatplane (Harbour Air Seaplanes, SeaAir Seaplanes) from Vancouver to Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island.

Transportation To and From the Farm

The retreat leader is responsible for organising the guests’ arrival and departure times, determining needs for transportation and coordinating pick up or drop of time with the SLF team no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the Retreat. The SLF team will do their best to accommodate guests but transportation is not guaranteed if not confirmed in advance. It may not be possible to pick up guests outside of the scheduled times.

From Fulford Harbour

SLF offers a complementary pick-up/drop-off service for two ferry departures/arrivals between SLF and Fulford Harbour on the retreat start date and end dates.

From Ganges Harbour

SLF offers one complementary pickup from Ganges Harbour

From Long Harbour or Vesuvius

SLF does not pick up from Long Harbour or Vesuvius.

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