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Postnatal Yoga

6-Week Series
Mondays 1:15pm – 2:15pm
Date TBD

Postnatal yoga.. a really beautiful way to find connection with your baby while taking a moment for some self care. With the physical changes from your pregnancy journey, recovery from birth and labour, or the physical demands of being a new parent, postnatal yoga addresses the
physical, emotional, and mental load of your new role. In this class you can find relief from unwanted tension and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and upper back. We will also quiet the mind and renew energy levels. It is also a friendly, non-judgmental environment where you can
connect with other moms and babies.

Early Bird  $108
Regular $120


Prenatal Yoga

6-Week Series
Mondays 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Date TBD

This is a beautiful class for expecting moms. Along with preparing for labor and delivery we are connecting equal and mindful breathing to help relax and open up to prepare for birth. Prenatal yoga is a time of connecting your body, soul and your growing baby. In this class you’ll also find
relief from pain and discomfort from pregnancy aches and pains. This includes everything from headaches, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and much more. This class offers a safe way to stretch muscles and strengthen the body and mind while supporting your changing body.
Including core muscles, hips and absolutely the pelvic floor.

Early Bird $108
Regular $120


Solace Wellness has created a positive and inviting environment. Nurturing my ongoing health journey, no matter what level I find myself, each Yoga Session leaves me excited for the next!

– Missy Melissa Gollan, a lifelong student