Solace Wellness Centre

Sound Healing

In a session with Kyla, your intention is the guide. Whatever you are willing to become vibrationally, will be.


Also known as a sound meditation or a sound journey, a sound bath is a healing experience that activates the parasympathetic nervous system and slows down brain waves. 

Essentially, this more meditative state promotes deep relaxation, balances energy, and provides opportunity for physical, emotional, and energetic release. Through the various tones and vibrations of singing bowls, vocal toning and other instruments, the body is supported in shifting to a higher frequency. In this state, miraculous changes can occur. 

Kyla combines intuitive guidance, channelled soul songs, mantras, and knowledge behind the power of vibration to help you align your energy field or vibration to a harmonious state. Sound baths promote profound positive effects on our entire system, and whether you’re dealing with physical or emotional pain, illness, stress, or other conditions (or simply want to quiet a busy mind), sound baths can help you enjoy a better quality of life. 


Sound journeys go deep. 

Through the use of sound vibration and intuitive guidance, Kyla guides you on a journey from where you are to where you want to be, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Whatever it is you are willing to become vibrationally will stick for good.

Each sound journey is as unique as each client. Kyla shares soul songs by tuning into your highest vibration, lifting you in expanded resonance, integrating the shadow or unseen realms within you, and revealing healing through your own wholeness.

In a sound journey, she acts as a mirror to reflect back to you that which you already are; whole and complete. Creating a safe, soothing environment to support clearing layers of illusion, conditioning and stories is her jam. It is Kyla’s greatest honour to support you wherever you are today — simply as you are — to align to the life you desire!

Playing the sound bowl at the Sound Portal Sound Bath Meditation Workshop at Solace Centre Nanaimo BC


Sound Bath: 
Private Session (1 hour and 15min) $108 plus gst
Couples Session (1 hour and 15 min) $175 plus gst
Group Session (1.5-2 hours) — rates vary

Sound Journey:
Private Session (2 hours) $222 plus gst